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Jim ShoreJim ShoreHeartwood Creek by Jim Shore captures the essence of traditional themes and motifs of American and European folk art designs with everyday and seasonal figurines, statues, garden accessories, tabletop and other home decor accents. Jim Shore pursued his art when and where he could while supporting his young family as an engineer. His passion was always his art. Jim's recollection of nostalgic childhood memories and his deep appreciation of handcrafted quilt patterns and textures truly inspire him. The magic of Jim’s design style is that it can be applied to a huge variety of themes and formats, creating charming and innovative décor for the home. "My work is not a single statement, but a lot of elements mixed together. I use colors that I love – colonial, antiques, jewel tones and sometimes unusual combinations that I happen to love at the moment. Put together it’s a pleasure to look at." Jim is now working to develop a more extensive lifestyle collection, creating functional home décor incorporating his unmistakable style.