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Salvation Army
Salvation ArmyEvery year, Byers Choice introduces a new edition of the Salvation Army series. This years selection is the Man with Coffee and Donuts. The Salvation Army popularized the donut in the United States after providing WWI soldiers with the treat of dough that they could fry in their helmets in the front lines. The returning "dough boys" brought the donut back from Europe with them. Each year the first Friday in June commemorates the donut's story as the Salvation Army partners with donut shops nationwide. Check your area for a participating location and help the Salvation Army continue to serve nearly 70 million meals each year.
Byers ChoiceThe Christmas Dove is proud to have been one of the nations largest and finest purveyors of the Byers Choice line for over 30 years. Our strong relationship with the Byers family has allowed us to remain committed to continue being the best retailer of Byers Choice products in the world. To help achieve this, we always welcome your input, thoughts, and suggestions. We invite you to watch the video to learn more about the story behind these wonderful collectibles...

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