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Annalee Elves Annalee Christmas Elves bring forth the spirit of the season! Let their festive antics spread holiday cheer throughout your home in playful pairs or in a bustling scene as they prepare for the holidays. Carefully adorned elfish outfits are trimmed in the magical Christmas colors of red and green, white and gold. They are the perfect addition around the tree in the days before holiday gifts arrive.

Make believe they are helping St. Nick for his famous trip. Pose them at play or hard at work as they create toys and hang decorations. Flexible wiring in the dolls' frames make them look as if they will come to life any moment. Mischievously hang them from Christmas trees and decorations or let them sit on bookshelves, reveling in the joy of the season. Every Christmas Elf will bring a smile to your face with their clever costumes and silly expressions.

Share the excitement that Christmas brings. Give them to someone special as a unique gift. They make great gifts for Mom or for the little ones in your life. Create a tradition of giving them a new collectible doll every year for Christmas. Watch their collection grow.